Now You Can Use Dried Herbs Everyday

Herbs are defined as any plant that dies after it blooms, in which all or some parts are dried and used in culinary seasonings, medicinal treatments, nutritional supplements and as cosmetics.

All kinds of herbs, even those used in prescribed drugs, weight loss pills and culinary preparations, are acquired by gathering the plants in the wild. You could grow these herbs even in your own garden and wait until the herbs become dried. When this happens, you can now gather them and use it for your daily meals and
Dried herbs and medicinal plants can be acquired by gathering them in the wild, growing them in your own personal garden, or buying them from other herb gardeners and health food stores.

Gathering dried herbs is one of the most natural and affordable ways of getting your daily dose of herbs. However, you can’t gather up dried herbs any time of the day; you have to collect them in the mid-afternoon, while plants are at the peak of their activity.

While dried herbs can be bought in the market and health stores, it is safer to grow and gather them yourselves to know precisely what materials were used throughout the growing procedure. If you choose to buy dried herbs, make sure to research on the brand or the gardener you are buying from before actually adding them to your meals.

Things to Consider In Storing and Using Dried Herbs

Dried herbs can be used as they are, as a part of your daily meals, drank as teas, or administered after being dried. Unlike other prepared herbs, dried herbs are the most convenient form since they can be easily prepared and used.

Since drying herbs preserve their concentrated flavors, a teaspoon of dried herb is equal to a tablespoon of freshly chopped herbs. In cooking dried herbs, it is recommended to add these seasonings during the beginning of the preparation for the flavors to develop completely. Most dried herbs are perfect for cooking liquid dishes like soups, sauces and casseroles.

When you some dried herbs are left for your food preparations, make sure you place them in a cool, airtight container to retain their flavors for up to six months. You can always check if the herbs can still be used if the aroma is still present. Once the aromas of the herbs have gone, it should be thrown away because the flavors are also gone.

With your own garden filled with herbs, you can now prevent harmful diseases and maintain optimal health.

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