Fertility Herbs as a Natural Treatment towards Conception

There are many options for a man and a woman who are having difficulty in conceiving a child.  Western medicine offers prescription medications that can be taken to increase the fertility of both the male and the female.  An increase in sperm count or an increase in ovulation may be gained to increase the possibilities in making this joyous event a reality.  Also, there are techniques available such as in vitro fertilization.

In addition to these methods there are alternative medicine options that may prove to be effective for enhancing the fertility of an individual in order to increase the possibilities of conceiving a child.  These methods include hypnotism, acupuncture and the use of fertility herbs. Fertility herbs are not a new means of enhancing fertility.  In fact the use of fertility herbs goes back to the year 200 A.D. in China.  In considering the use of fertility herbs to enhance fertility it is important to know what kind of fertility herbs are available and how they should be taken.

The Benefits of Fertility Herbs

We live in a very complex world.  The stressful effects experienced affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Often, this stress is a huge contributing factor in diminishing fertility.  Therefore, it is important to regain a balanced life and control the stresses that are experienced.

One alternative medicine approach to reducing stress levels and provide balance is the use of herbs.  Specifically, a daily intake of herbs will help to regulate hormones, reduce anxiety and stress by soothing the nervous system and normalize the desire for sexual activity.  In addition, for the female, fertility herbs have shown a great promise in nurturing the uterus.

Red Clover Blossom

One of the fertility herbs that may prove to be most effective in enhancing fertility is the red clover blossom.  This particular herb contains a broad spectrum of vitamins that have been proven to be extremely helpful for the woman's uterus. In addition to the high vitamin content this particular fertility herb is replete with protein.  Therefore, not only does the ingestion of this particular herb help with the fertility process, but provides the essential element of protein to help build the body.

Red clover blossom contains the minerals of calcium and magnesium.  These are critical minerals that must be provided for the health of the body.  These minerals can only be gained from sources that are found outside of the body.  In regards to fertility, these are key elements that help to soothe the nervous system and promote the fertility process.

Red clover blossom is available in various forms.  These forms ranged from tablets, to capsules, to tea, to extracts.  Recommended dosage can range from 430 mg or higher with the recommended daily dosage being 450 to 900 mg and taken one to three times each day.

Dong Quai

Another effective herb that is categorized as one of the fertility herbs is dong quai.  This particular herb is generally thought of as a very potent enhancement for fertility. Specifically this particular fertility herb is similar to estrogen, a female hormone, and has been nicknamed the female ginseng.

Many homeopathic practitioners recommend that this particular fertility herb is taken in tincture form.  Generally, the time frame that this herb should be ingested is the days that lie between ovulation and menstruation. It is recommended that a liquid dropper, containing six to a dozen drops of the tincture, be placed sublingually.  This dosage should be repeated one to three times a day.

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