Everything That you Need to Know to get Started With Herb Gardening

If you are already interested in herb gardening, then the next step that you need to take is to make yourself as informed as possible so that you can understand the first things that you will need to do in order to be able to get yourself actually started; if you make yourself as knowledgeable on the matter of herb gardening as possible, then you know what you are doing overall and this will make things incredibly easier.

What you Need to Know About Herb Gardening

One of the first things that you need to know about herb gardening is that you will need to learn about how to dry herbs for winter, as this is a major part of herb gardening in general. In order to dry herbs properly for winter, what you need to do first is use the cut off tops of the leafy varieties in midsummer, and then you need to wash them off with cold water.

Then you need to hang them up just long enough so that the drops of water can evaporate, and then you should tie the stems together and place them in a paper bag with the stem ends at the opening, and then close the bag with a rubber band; then you need to use a paper clip as a sort of hook through the band and then place the other hooked end over your line where you are going to hang the herbs to actually dry.

Next, what you need to do is wait for a couple of weeks, and then after this, you need to remove them from the paper bags, and then crumble the leaves and place them on a shallow pan and dry them out in the oven – just make sure that the oven is not set to be too hot, because you can burn them, and you certainly do not want to do this.

If you are a true herb enthusiast, then you always have another option, and that is to dry them instead by spreading them out on trays and placing them in a dry area; just remember that it is better to keep them fully in the sun for at least the first day because little insects, which may have been secreted in the heads, will then leave as the seeds dry out.

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