Herb Encyclopedia for Natural Healing

When it comes to medical treatment, there is a growing trend amongst individuals which is giving rise to their commitment to take personal healthcare into their own hands. This is due to a number of factors.  These factors include the healthcare crisis, the cost for medical care and the availability of credible information that is available through many informational venues.

Also, because of the extensive patient load of doctors, physicians seldom have time to listen completely to their patients and as such often only treat the symptoms of an illness and not the root cause of the disease.  In addition, the medications that are prescribed often have associated side effects which can compound the patient’s medical problems.

The Benefits of Herbs

As part of the individual’s quest to care for themselves, alternative sources of healing and medications are being explored.  Some of these medications that are attracting a great deal of interest are in the use of healthy and natural items such as herbs. 

The use and the importance of herbs are documented in the Chinese culture and date as far back as the year 200 A.D.   Today, herbs continue to be a critical medical component in many cultures.  The uses of various herbs claim to have beneficial effects on individuals who experience a broad spectrum of medical conditions.  The use of herbs may strengthen one's heart, calm the nervous system, balance the reproductive system, help with urinary tract problems, etc.

Herb Encyclopedia

An important resource to assist in the identification of herbs and their possible benefits is an herb encyclopedia.  An herb encyclopedia will offer a tool that will help to identify an herb.  A quality herb encyclopedia will often provide a picture of the herb that is being researched and will provide other useful information. This information may include a brief history of the use of this herb, where it is found, what are the benefits or what ailment the herb will treat, the results to expect, how to use the herb, dosage, frequency, etc. 

In addition, a good herb encyclopedia will offer a number of options to research the herb that is appropriate for your particular medical need.  Some herb encyclopedias list the ailment of an individual.  These ailments are listed alphabetically.  The researcher simply looks up their ailment and the corresponding symptoms will be outlined along with the recommended herb to utilize.  Other herb encyclopedias offer additional information such as pictures of the various herbs, how to grow your own herb garden, cooking with herbs, etc.

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