Understanding Drug Herb Interaction

Although herbs are known to be 100% natural, it could still lead to various kinds of complications due to drug-herb interactions. When any kind of herb interacts with prescribed medications, it results in serious side effects that may cause your body to change its digestion patterns and other functions.

Do you notice why many herbal products and supplements recommend on consulting with your doctor before taking herbs? This is because drug-herb interactions may occur and it should always be a normal practice to tell your physician all the pills, herbs or medications you’re on so that they could give professional advice on possible complications.

When you’re taking herbal supplements, make sure that you observe possible and unusual changes to your body because these may foretell symptoms of drug-herb interactions.

Health Concerns on Drug-Herb Interactions

Drug-herb interaction is a continuous concern over the field of herbal medicine since patients are still reporting incidents of drugs interacting negatively with various herbs. However, you need to understand that drug-herb interactions do not occur because of a chemical reaction between the drug and herb components, which produces a toxic material. Instead, these interactions can be a result of herb components causing a decrease or increase in the quantities of drug in one’s bloodstream.

When the drug content in the body decreases, it is normally caused by herb materials that bind the drug and prevent them to get into the blood. When this happens, the drugs are eliminated from the body and you end up consuming an ineffective drug.

On the other hand, when the drug content increases, it is caused by an herbal content that helps in drug absorption and breaks down the drug for instant elimination. When this happens, the dosage of drugs could reach high levels producing unwanted side affects.

A variety of health issues have been raised in relation to drug-herb interactions. These include formation of blood clots, increase of blood pressure leading to stroke, increase of infections, decrease of dangerously low blood sugar levels and other harmful effects.

Although herbs can provide a plethora of health benefits, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. When a drug is mixed with herbs, both can alter each other’s ability to metabolize and take effect. Therefore, to prevent any harmful drug-herb interactions and maximize the benefits of your treatment, make sure to consult with your doctor on possible side effects and interactions before taking medications.

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