Herb Uses in the world of Medicine and Culinary

Herb use on food, beverage or supplements can be an effective resource of health support. Since herbs have been proven to enhance one’s health and wellbeing, it can be a good part of your daily life. However, you should never use herbs in replacing medicine.

Using herbs to treat diseases have been in the medical world for centuries. For instance, herbal medications in China have been documented going back to over 2,000 years. Today, not only are peppermint, chamomile, garlic and other herbs use for cooking, they can also be used in treating cancer, heart and liver diseases, skin problems and other health conditions.

Since many pharmaceutical drugs are based from herbs, medical experts continue to investigate herb use in treating different kinds of health conditions. Since many people are rediscovering the benefits of herbs, even the culinary world are choosing to eat healthy by providing food with various herbs.

Distinct Uses of herbs

Each kind of herb provides different medicinal benefits when consumed or combined together with another herb. For instance, agrimony is used as anti-inflammatory, astringent and treating digestive disorders while alder buckthorn is known to work as a laxative.

If you’re looking for a herb to use for lowering cholesterol with high vitamins and mineral content, you could look for alfalfa or nettles. In treating wounds, aloe or other kinds of dried herbs can be used as laxatives.

Many kinds of herbs can help in treating digestive disturbances and disorders. These include angelica, anise, blackberry, cantaloupe, ginger, raspberry and others. For liver problems, celandine, dandelion, milk thistle, Oregon grape and other kinds of herbs.

You can also use herbs in treating hormonal disorders such as Dong Quai or Chaste tree for menstrual regulators and Sarsaparilla or wild yam as a precursor of hormone production.

Some herbs, such as the American mistletoe and ginseng, can also help in reducing blood pressure while acting as a sedative. Other herbs like yellow dock can provide beneficial effects in the blood by treating anemia.

If you want to loose weight, you can use a variety of herbs, such as cassia seeds, ginseng, lotus leaf, ginko bilboa, apple cider or a combination of several herbs in managing weight.

Most of these herbs can be combined with your daily meals, giving you a completely natural way for optimal health. However, if you can’t prepare healthy meals daily, you can always consult your doctor for a herbal supplement to treat or prevent your health condition.

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