Dry Herbs Make Flavorful Food

Herbs are wonderful substances that can be used to make food taste great and the body feel better.  Many consumers now look for natural herbs so they eliminate feelings of depression and increase their energy and stamina.  The supermarket shelves have substances such as ginseng and ginkgo that are regarded as complementary medicines at more reasonable prices than prescription medicines.  Green tea is available and many believe that this has benefits for fighting the onset of certain cancers.  Dry herbs can also be used by a great cook to make dishes that taste better.

Those experts knowledgeable about herbs dry them because this is the best way to preserve the important qualities.  Experts dry herbs naturally to preserve the natural oils in the plants.  The easiest way to dry herbs is to expose the herbs to the air in a ventilated area.  The herbs should be left in this area until the moisture is completely evaporated.  This natural method is best although it is also possible to dry herbs through mechanical methods, but flavor will be sacrificed.  Exposure to direct sunlight will also dry herbs but, this is not recommended.  A microwave oven can be used to dry herbs but this will deplete the important substances more than the natural method. 

Grow and Dry Herbs at Home for Optimum Freshness

The best way to know about the freshness of herbs is to grow and dry the herbs yourself.  The directions for growing and preparing the herbs are available on the internet and from books at the library.  There are many different herbs and each should be grown, used and prepared in different ways to get the most benefit and the freshest tastes.  In the privacy of your own kitchen, a knowledgeable person can grow parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  The directions for planting the different types of herbs are available and these plants do not need acres of land for growing. 

New products are available that make cultivating herbs easier than ever.  The dry herbs that result from the easiest kits taste great like those grown from scratch.  Some of these products are engineered so they fit perfectly on a window sill.  The directions are included in the package so you do not even need further information from other sources.  With a prepared kit, the gardener can remain enthusiastic because there are no weeds, pests or plant diseases to worry about.  The directions will also include information about the necessary light for the growth of the plants.  Once the plants are matured and dried, the cook can take over assured that all meals will have the freshest herbs in town. 

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