All About the Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers have graced all types of buildings from castles and palaces to common and luxury homes. The magnificent splendor of a crystal chandelier sets it apart from any other form of lighting fixture. Chandelier comes from the French word for candle. They are made from various components such as wood, iron, brass, crystals and other materials.

There is nothing like the sheen of cut glass crystal components of a crystal chandelier glistening in the ceiling over a ballroom or dinner table. For years people have loved the stately elegance of crystal chandeliers. There is nothing that makes a room more regal than the elegant chandelier. They evoke images of the past when many an elegant event took place beneath their glow.

Crystal Chandeliers attempt to recreate the effect of sunlight radiating through the draping branches of the trees. Craftsmen have created many styles and varieties to give such an effect. In the past chandeliers were lit by candles and the light on the crystals were quite magical. Today the goal is to create the same imagery by using even more ornate designs and even better types of cut crystals. The electric lighting flickering off the sides of the multifaceted crystals create dramatic lighting effects that are mesmerizing in their brilliance.

The Most Popular Types

The Bohemian Chandelier is one of the more elegant and popular types from centuries past. It features hand cut glass, beading and fixtures from the fame Czech Republic glass makers. There are many styles of this elegant form of lighting. This famed type of crystal chandelier was said to be made popular by Austrian Empress Maria Theresa in the early 1700’s. Since then the elegant Bohemian chandeliers have graced many interiors.

Another popular style of crystal chandelier is the Versailles. The Versailles chandeliers come from the Louis XIV period of history. He commissioned beautiful cut glass crystal chandeliers that featured hanging pendants of hand cut crystal with hand made decorations of gold and silver. These lavish pieces continue to be imitated today.

Daniel Swarovski in the 1800’s invented a machine that allowed man-made crystal to be cut into beautiful faceted creations. This allowed extensive creativity in the pieces that could be made for use on crystal chandeliers. Brilliant hues as bright as sunlight are able to be captured through the multiple forms of crystal that are available for use on today’s crystal chandeliers.

Whether you seek a massive chandelier suitable for a ballroom or a small intimate piece for the family dining room there are ample creations to choose from amongst the available crystal chandeliers for all the lighting needs imaginable.

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