Waterford Crystal: Arguably the Finest In Crystals, Worldwide

The home of Waterford Crystal which is certainly the finest crystal in the world, lies in the South East of Ireland and, with bustling factories and a wonderful visiting centre, it will impress everyone that comes to see how the products are made. With generations of experience bundled into each of its products, the Waterford Crystal can be seen being made at these factories. The Waterford Crystal is a trademark brand of crystal glassware that is made by the company founded by George and William Penrose. Such was the quality of Waterford Crystal that they were much sought after articles wanted everywhere in the world but, due to high taxation, the company closed down and, in 1947 a Czech immigrant named Charles Bacik formed a glass work in the city, no doubt confident that the high reputation enjoyed by the original glassware, would rub off on this new venture but, it soon was taken over to become a subsidiary of the Irish Glass Bottle company.

A Variety of Products Are Available

The Waterford Crystal was to adorn the homes of many of the elite of Europe as well as the Americas and, with its fame spreading far and wide; it was soon to become the most desirable crystal of its time. And, for two centuries the city of Waterford has been producing these world famous crystals that are known for outstanding craftsmanship, stunning design as well as unrivalled dedication to quality. From very small and exquisite ornaments to complete stemware collection and, with magnificent pieces containing ambient light, the Waterford Crystal products offer a great variety from which to choose.

A trip to Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, which is home to the world’s finest crystal, is high on the agenda of visitors to Ireland. It is believed that each year as many as 350,000 visitors are attracted to the portals of this world renowned company and visitors come to personally see how the Waterford masterpieces are created as well as to see first hand the best crystals in the world. A visit to the home of Waterford products will be an experience that is unique and, one can see the real working, living and breathing factories that produce these masterpieces.

The market for Waterford Crystal products is great, given that they are synonymous with luxury and good living. Being the leading brand of premium crystal, the aim of the Waterford Crystal company is “To Delight the World with Beautiful Gifts.” Such is the reputation of Waterford Crystal that it is the first choice when it comes to selecting a gift for self and near and dear ones.

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Waterford Crystal: Arguably the Finest In Crystals, Worldwide
The Unmatched Beauty and Quality of a Waterford Crystal Vase
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