Swarovski Crystal: Refracts Lights to the Best Possible Effect

A well liked product, the Swarovski crystal is offered in a range of precision-cut crystal glass products that are owned as well as produced by Swarovski AG, Switzerland. The Swarovski crystal came about as a result of Daniel Swarovski’s invention of automated cutting machines in 1892. Three years later, the Swarovski Company came to be established in the form of a crystal cutting factory located in Wattens, Austria. Because of local hydroelectricity being available nearby, it was thought to be an ideal location for the energy-intensive grinding process. The composition of the Swarovski crystals are 32 percent lead that helps in maximizing refraction of light and, Swarovski crystals includes sculptures, miniatures, jewelry as well as home décor, chandeliers and beads, to name a few of its range of products. The Swarovski crystal is also coated with special metallic chemical coatings that help in refracting light in a rainbow spectrum. Its Aurora Borealis is very popular and, gives the surface a rainbow oil slick look.

Over The Years the Logo Has Changed

Originally, the Swarovski logo was an edelweiss flower but, it has since been replaced with a current swan logo, since 1988. The Swarovski crystal has a beauty that is hard to match and, with distinctive cuts, wide spectrum of colors as well as a great collection, they are a breed apart from crystals made by other manufacturers. The Swarovski crystal jewelry lover will find crystal bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces as well as pendants, pins, rings and tiaras that show off the best of Swarovski product lines. The Swarovski product line also includes home goods, figurines and also specialty items and, the Swarovski crystal is renowned for being the most magnificent crystal made anywhere in the world. There is no doubting the popularity of their products, given the brilliance and variety as well as innovations that are a hallmark of this outstanding company.

For discriminating lovers of crystals, the Swarovski crystal encompasses incomparable crystal purity and, their quality sets them apart from the crowd. With different types of beads to choose from, one just cannot go wrong with a Swarovski product. The Swarovski crystal can be ideally worn for an elegant evening at the theatre or for a gala event and, its jewelry indulgences will entice the senses. With festive occasions such as Christmas being celebrated in the Western hemisphere, Swarovski has a popular crystal tree to make the occasion more special and, its Shining Star is the crowning glory that has a myriad of facets designed to illuminate the living room and, gives off a radiance that will enhance the festive atmosphere, further.

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