Invest In the Art Pieces of Mikasa Crystal

Mikasa crystal is an American company founded by George Aratani in the year of 1948 in California under the name of American Commercial Inc. He started by importing dinner wear and not manufacturing it for large department stores such as Bloomingdale and Macy’s. It was not until 1957 that the brand name of ‘Mikasa’ was introduced on the market when the crystal wear was introduced as well. By the 1970s American Commercial Inc. expanded and the first store was opened in 1978 in New Jersey. Today, Mikasa crystals have gained world fame with outlets and dealers to display and sale their products. Mikasa crystals make different types of decorative pieces such as glassware for different types of beverages but also bowl and vases that make great gifts of precious additional to anyone’s collection.

What to Expect From Mikasa Crystals

Shopping for Mikasa crystals must be done only at authorized dealers to ensure you are purchasing an authentic product and most importantly one with no damages. Most major department store carry Mikasa crystals but, you can access their official site as well for viewing the whole range of their crystal collection and choosing what fits you best. You can purchase online as well from department stores that carry Mikasa products or directly from the company’s official website.

A Gift To Cherish Forever

Mikasa crystals make unique gifts, whether it is to you or someone you love dearly; it helps to know someone’s preference when shopping for a gift but, Mikasa products will definitely be the right choice for those that enjoy exquisite decorative pieces and love adding to the enhancement of their home. All Mikasa items will bring a note of elegance while not being overpowering; the crystal items match almost any décor unless you choose a particular color that can or may interfere with the existing nuances used in the house or room.

Helpful Tip

Mikasa items can be sent as gifts to any part of the country from any department store while shopping online, without having to worry about packaging it right so it reaches undamaged as the company provides breakage proof packaging and ext day delivery when required, at extra cost. So you need not look any further to find the right gift for any loved one in your family but shop for a unique Mikasa crystal item that is made in US and will be cherished and enjoyed for generation.


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