The Beauty of Clear Crystal

One of the most common minerals found on earth is quartz. Clear crystal or rock crystal is a type of quartz. Natural clear crystal occurs in many forms including beds, and prisms that end in points. Clear crystal has many uses including electronics for circuit boards and watches. The process that allows quartz to work in such a manner is called piezoelectricity. It occurs when mechanical stress is put on the crystal and it releases and electric charge.

Throughout history clear crystal has been prized for its beauty and magical properties. Aboriginal and indigenous people collected them after seeing the crystals glowing in amazing colors. They said the clear crystals had the ability to heal and transform members of their communities. Even today various types of clear crystal quartz are given metaphysical properties by believers.

Spiritual Properties of Crystals

Quartz crystals that are clear have a lot of energetic powers according to believers. The crystal points can be used in meditation to focus and clear the mind. Some people use crystals in their homes to amplify and increase energy; although they caution that care has to be taken with this for clear crystals can amplify negativity.

Shamans, mystics and healers see benefit in placing clear crystals on their patient’s bodies to help balance and restore health. Crystal healings are quite popular in the New Age circuit with many touting the benefits. It is interesting to note though the ideology is called New Age crystals have been used for various conditions since ancient times. Some radical theorists say that the Egyptian pyramids were built using clear crystal guided lasers and that the explosion of a huge crystal caused the sinking of Atlantis.

Types of Formations

Quartz clear crystal comes in a variety of natural formation. Quartz is made of silicon and is usually formed as a pyramid. This is what causes such fascinating shapes in nature. One of the most powerful formations is the double terminated crystal. With points on both ends it supposed to be strongly charged and able to send energy out of both points. In many fantasy and science fiction movies clear crystal double terminated quartz is what is used on the wizard’s wands.

A barnacle cluster is a larger crystal covered with many smaller crystals. It is good for community energy. Clusters make good specimens to place on a book shelf as a conversation piece. Clear crystal in whatever form you choose is one of nature’s gifts. It is also a lovely accent to your home or for use as personal adornment.

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