What Makes Liquid Crystal Displays Better

Liquid crystals have been around since1904 when Otto Lehman wrote and published his theory in the article called ‘Liquid Crystals’ and since then different scientists have been recorded to have experimented and used the matter in many instances finding out more about its amazing properties everyday. We are all aware of the growing popularity of the liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions and computers due to their incredible, crystal clear imagines and vivid reproduction of colors. Liquid crystal displays function through a thin film transistor (TFT), which is composed of monochrome pixels that is mainly a variety of colors, which are displayed through a reflector; the liquid crystals cut out the white light leaving crystal clear images and that is what makes liquid crystal displays famous. However, the life expectancy of a liquid crystal display is known to be shorter that that of a plasma television because of the high resolution and the size of your television; this technology is fairly new in electronics even though scientists were experimenting since the early 1900s but, it is becoming very popular and in demand with every television or computer enthusiast who wants a better, clearer image without any shadows or faded colors.

Helpful Tips

If you are using a liquid crystal display computer it is important you acquire a filter screen protector to ensure that you don’t tire when spending several hours in front of it; the same applies if you have a similar screen on smaller gadgets such as PSPs and so on. Enjoy the amazing technology without letting it damage your sight and health, as it will when watching television or working on computer for several hours a day.

Fun Items To Enjoy Everyday

There are other items made from liquid crystals such as mood sensing bracelets, which it is believed will change color depending on the temperature of your body does, predicting your state or mind and mood; they may not be very precise but definitely a lot of fun the have around or to make a present out of it. here are also rings made out of the same material however, you must ensure it touches your skin directly in order to have any reaction at all; these jewelry items are made just for fun purposes and not for experiments, everyone wearing them enjoyed the fact that it was accurate in 9 out of ten times so, why don’t you try it too and see if it can guess your mood as well.

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