Choose Swarovski Crystal Jewelry For Elegance

Swarovski crystal jewelry is some of the finest in the world with the name Swarovski associated with elegance and quality. Swarovski crystal jewellery can be brought form retailers all over the globe and pieces range to suit all tastes including bridal pieces, necklaces, pins, brooches, hair accessories, crystal barrettes, jaw clips, hair sticks as well as the much sought after figurines collection. The pieces are timeless and are made of such quality that they are often compared with diamonds.

The Birth of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Daniel Swarovski was the founder and inventor of the design and implementation of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry in 1892. He was born in Bohemia in what was known as then as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where his father owned a small glass-making factory. At the time, the cutting of crystal glass had to be done by hand, and so creating crystal jewelry was a painstakingly slow process. So over time, through trial and error Daniel Swarovski experimented with his own invention of a machine used to cut the crystal instead. By 1892, he had perfected it, and went on the found and manufacture what we know as Swarovski Crystal Jewelry today.

The Swarovski Crystal Strip Tease!

Even Swarovski crystal jewelry can make stripping look classy! EBay power-seller Berliner Marion von Kuczkowski came up with a brilliant idea that has been dubbed as “a gem of a strip show”. Berliner stuck a million glittering Swarovski crystals to the body of model Chantal, selling them one by one, revealing Chantal in all her glory! This scheme has proved to be a hit, with sellers flocking to buy from all over the world. This scheme has also been greatly supported due to the coupling of the dedication from Berliner that a portion of the profits from the strip were to go to charity.

Keeping up with Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry and products are available all over the world with pieces available to suit all ages and tastes. To keep up to date, you can join the Swarovski Crystal Society, which was formed in 1987 aims to unite all those that share the passion for Swarovski pieces. It has around 400,000 members from at least 30 different countries and is still growing. For anyone looking to collect Swarovski, it is a great place to start and learn. And if in doubt of the authenticity when buying Swarovski pieces, always check for the swan trademark as proof of identity.

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