Why You Should Consider Lenox Crystals

Walter Scott Lenox, who was born in 1859 in Trenton, N.J., which is known as the Staffordshire of US due to its large number of potteries and ceramics manufacturers; it was with little surprise that Walter Scott Lenox developed a liking to ceramics and in 1889 incorporated the Lenox’s Ceramic Art Company. Walter Scott Lenox did not just want to produce ceramics just like everyone else in the city or even the country because he had a dream and wanted to make a difference by creating unique, high quality ceramic pieces for decorative purposes as well as dining. His work was so unique that by 1897 The Smithsonian Institution had some of his pieces on display; by 1918 Lenox ceramics had reached the White House as President Wilson commission a set made out of 1,700 pieces for the official use.

Lenox ceramics became a tradition at the White House for the next 80 years, as different sets were commission along the years by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Truman, President Reagan and President Clinton.

Why Choose Lenox Crystals

Lenox Crystals were introduced in 1960s and as usual the company did not compromise on quality or uniqueness. When you choose Lenox crystals you are assured quality, and unique piece of art at the best price. Lenox crystals made it at the White House too, this time as an official gift in the shape of a crystal bowl to President George W. Bush.

But Lenox crystals are not only for the White House or those with good incomes as some of their prices are very reasonable if you consider the quality and craftsmanship involved. You can Lenox crystal items on sale on their official site most of the time from glasses to gift items. You should choose Lenox crystals because it is not only one of the best quality crystal available in glassware and figurines but you are ensured to have a unique item that will be appreciated and observed whether you are hosting a formal diner or a casual lunch.

Where to Shop For Lenox Crystal

The best place to shop for Lenox crystal is in major department stores such as Macy’s or Neiman Marcus where you can pick and choose as per your style and personality but also find great bargains. Crystals or any breakable item is best not purchased online to avoid the possibility of it being broken in shipping and handling or other minor details, which you cannot see, online.

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