Crystal Bead Decoration And Jewelry For Adornment

Many different shapes, sizes and color adorn entrances and windows in the form is a crystal bead curtain to add to the separation of spaces as well as add to the sun reflecting beauty of a room divider. Additionally, the distinctive sound of a crystal bead clicking against another one offers a soothing sound during slight movement of the curtain.

Putting together a crystal bead curtain or jewelry item such as a necklace or a bracelet, takes more than stringing them together. Especially if it is planned for a future use, such as a wedding or engagement. The correct colors must be chosen to match the color scheme of the pending festivities as well as keeping in mind any changes in color sparked by passing sunlight.

There was once a time when a crystal bead curtain was associated with certain cultures and not well accepted, but as the use bridged different cultures, their popularity escalated to where parents provided them for even young children as a way of separating spaces in room containing more than one child. They were also often used as a mean of keeping children occupied as they threaded their own curtains, having to add a knot after each crystal bead to maintain a consistent design.

Varied Sizes And Shapes Provide Interesting Combinations

Varied shapes and colors allow for interesting color combinations with light reflection causing apparent changes as the wearer moves through varied light intensity. Some use small safety pin on which to thread a crystal bead design such as flags or other design to denote a specific incident.

Many religions use a crystal bead necklace for prayer enhancement or for decoration during religious ceremonies, such as Catholic rosary beads. Additionally, many a children’s play set is completed with the addition of hundreds of tiny crystal beads to be laced together to form their own handmade jewelry. There is little more fun than having a crystal bead necklace or bracelet come untied once it has been finished.

There are many sources of crystal bead vendors from the experts in the orient to peddlers of beads used in costume jewelry. There are also famed crystal purveyors who have transcended the boundaries from creating fine crystal works of art to providing materials of others to create their own jewelry items. They allow their designs in crystal bead shapes to be duplicated into mass production for the crystal bead market.

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