Decorate Your Home with a Crystal Ornament

When you are looking for ways to add to the style of your home, or if you are just beginning to decorate, consider a crystal ornament to add a bit of natural and priceless beauty to your surroundings. Here are some facts on crystals and why a crystal ornament of any kind would be a great addition to your décor. Before you consider a purchasing a crystal lamp, chandelier, or any other type of crystal ornament, it is helpful to know what crystal is. Crystal (or sometimes called quartz) is a mineral that has been around for millions of years. It is found in high elevations, mostly in the Himalayan Mountains or the Alps. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohr scale and a density of 2.7 g/cm. Crystal salt is used as a supplement, and is a natural way of preventing dehydration, lowering blood pressure and helping with sports injuries. Crystal is also used as an oscillator for clock watches, radios and other devices that use the frequency crystal emits for operation.

Crystal was believed to be “permanent ice” by Roman Naturalist Pliny the Elder centuries ago, and was used to cool the hands. Crystal was also one of the minerals used in “maban”, a substance Aborigine wise men used to gain their powers in aborigine mythology.

Crystals as Home Décor

Many people are turning towards crystal products as a way to decorate their home and as a way for well being. A type of crystal ornament that is used for well being is the crystal lamp, which when lit emits crystal particles that when combined with the water molecules in the air will create an overall balance in the room. This is said to be good for being suffering with asthma or allergies. Another crystal ornament that can be used is a crystal star for the top of your Christmas tree, or an ornament to hang off one of the branches. This is a good choice in that when a crystal is cut at the right angle, it will emit light at a certain variance, thus creating an illuminant glow that would make any holiday sparkle all the more.

There is also crystal pottery, and a crystal ornament in the shape of an animal for your baby’s room. Choosing a crystal ornament to decorate your home is the best option. Crystal continues to be one of the most common, pure and beautiful minerals left on Earth, and it is best to use them while they are still around.

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