Shine Everyday with a Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski crystals are known world wide as the most luxurious crystals collections available today. Established in Austria in1895 by Daniel Swarovski, the company gained its fame and reputation by using the highest-grade crystals. These contain approximately 32% lead in order to create brilliance and reflection like no other crystal in the world.  Swarovski creates many types of crystal creations to lure and mesmerize men and women alike; from jewelry to figurines, which collectors spend thousands of dollars to add to their cabinets when it is declared a limited edition or a discontinued piece. You will find that there is something for everyone in the Swarovski world but, as expected women are attracted to the jewelry side, which is fully understandable as it is all exquisite. A Swarovski crystal necklace will make you stand out in any room due to its elegance, uniqueness and brilliance. However, not all of us want to stand out through shinning jewelry and for those too there are many choices in the vast Swarovski crystal necklace collection from delicate to dressy and from formal to casual, whatever your requirement, you will find it.

Swarovski crystal necklace can also be found in collection series such as, the wedding collection, which will also help you choose accessories that can make it a set like earrings, bracelet and ring. All Swarovski crystal necklaces are made in hypoallergenic metal in order to suit even the most sensitive of skins and it is rhodium plated so it will never tarnish.

How to Care For Your Swarovski Jewelry

In order to have your Swarovski crystal necklace as new for as long as possible you need to care for it like you did any precious piece of jewelry: don’t spray perfume directly on the metal; don’t have a shower with the Swarovski jewelry or get it wet; try and take out all Swarovski jewelry before you get in to a shower and don’t do any house work or gardening while wearing it. All Swarovski crystals come with certificate of authenticity as well as guarantee; if you have any problems with your Swarovski crystal necklace or other jewelry that may need repairs, always approach a Swarovski dealer who will send it to the factory for you where it will be repaired as per company procedures and may even be replaced with a new piece depending on the repair and the cause of the damage.


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