Slow Down And Relax At Crystal Castle

Guarded by Light Hope the crystal castle is always in plain sight but never able to be seen as the home of She-Ra. Cloaked in myth and mystery, the Horde from whom Light Hope helped guard the crystal castle never attempted to attack and possess the castle.

It is this mythical mystical crystal castle that Byron’s Bay in Australia has chosen to emulate in its tourism vent, with natural crystal displays and visitors given the opportunity to slow down their hectic pace and relax in the presence of the four ton, carved stone Buddha rising from the ponds in the lotus garden inside the crystal castle.

Inside the hinterland, it is touted as a place of magic and wonder, seen by some as similar as the myth of the crystal castle, it has taken over 20 years to polish the image and location as one of wonderment. Tarot and astrology readings add to the mesmerizing spiritual trek through the lush gardens with their panoramic view.

Large natural crystals in many shapes and sizes add to the mystique of crystal castle, making it truly a place of wonder of sights as the crystals are claimed to have a calming affect on al those open to their powers.

Area Grows In Legend And Popularity

As Byron’s Bay continues to grow from its origins as a fishing port and whaling station, residents continue to surge into the area, especially in the past ten years. Bringing with them more of the past and stories that help bring crystal castle to life, the newest residents help complete the myth of crystal castle.

Back in the land of make believe, so much has been done to complete the history of crystal castle that the characters portrayed in the stories as well as in the myriad of video games have come to life. In the form of dolls and other equipment, crystal castle can now develop a life of its own through the many articles available for sale.

All characters associated with crystal castle are available in doll form, each standing about 11 inches tall with clothing and accessories also available. From an idea inside someone imagination to electronic games and finally into a play world that closely resembles a realism often reserved for better known national players, crystal castle is fast developing a life of its own. With its interwoven lands, it helps children develop their own sense of self-worth.

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