What There is to Know about Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski crystal beads are made by the famous crystal company who created a machine to make the fiery man-made crystals. It was Daniel Swarovski who in the late 1800’s invented a machine that could precisely cut and grind beautiful stones. They further adapted processes that could imitate the luster and beauty of natural stones and crystals making Swarovski the leading name in man-made crystals and beads.

Today jewelry, purses, clothing and other adornments made from Swarovski crystal beads are extremely popular. Austrian crystal is generally sought after but Swarovski crystal beads are the ultimate in a beaded jewelry.  There luster rivals natural crystals in many of the lavish creations that are made from them.

Many crystal products are made of lead and Swarovski crystal beads are 32% leaded. These fully leaded crystals are not toxic when used in jewelry. Swarovski uses such elements as quartz and other minerals to make their crystals. The combination of these ingredients create a brilliant quality that causes Swarovski crystal beads to stand out.

One thing to be aware of when buy Swarovski crystal beads is that there are many imitations out there. If you are buying beads note that Swarovski crystal beads are never sold on strings. They will not have bubbles or inclusions in them and the coatings will look uniform. Swarovski crystal beads have a sparkle that is beyond compare as they are all machine made and uniform. The quality and luster of these beads are world renowned.

Types Of Beads

Swarovski crystal beads come in various hues and colors often mimicking natural stones and crystals. One of the effects that help bring out the beauty of Swarovski crystal beads is the different types of coatings. One of the more popular coatings for Swarovski crystal beads is the AB or Aureole Borealis coating. It gives a luminescent rainbow finish that is so beautiful.

CAL or Comet Argent Light is a sheen which actually can look like silver while Heliotrope has vibrant lavenders, blues and greens sparkling from the insides of the beads. Vitrial, Tabac and Aurum are other coatings that mimic various jewelry surfaces. Each of these coatings is what give Swarovski crystal beads their luster and fabulous sheens. Whatever the finished products the beads are used in whether jewelry, clothing or other adornments Swarovski crystal beads are stunning.

Swarovski crystal beads are regarded at the best in the world. Bead maker’s kits brim with these fabulous creations despite the fact that they are usually higher priced. There luminescent beauty continues to reign supreme through the stylish embellishments that are created from them.

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