Finding a Crystal Gift

Some occasions call for a very special gift – something elegant that never go out of style and remain tasteful and fashionable. Those occasions, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or a special thank you, can be enhanced by a crystal gift. The production of fine crystal is a combination of art and craft that goes back for centuries. Fine lead crystal can be clear or colored, cut or etched, plain or trimmed in precious metals. The crystal can be made into heavy utensils or delicate pieces. What every crystal gift has in common is the way each catches the light and the weight that feels so good in the hand.

Many Choices

The obvious crystal gift is a set of stemware or barware. Such sets are a great choice, of course. They are pieces that a newly married couple can add to every year of their marriage. They are pieces that will be displayed at every dinner and every gathering. They are pieces that say that the household is complete and welcoming. Anniversaries can be marked with additions to the crystal stemware collection.

Such a crystal gift becomes a family heirloom that will be passed down through generations. But it is not the only kind of crystal gift available. Other serving pieces can be acquired in the same or complementing patterns. Decanters and bowls enhance the gifted stemware and barware elegantly. These are pieces that can be displayed at all times – not just at mealtimes.

Another traditional crystal gift is the fine vase. The thoughtful gift giver can look for a vase that complements the crystal pieces already in the home or add a shockingly modern piece of crystal to draw attention to the creativity of the recipient as well as the traditional elegance of the other crystal pieces.

A large crystal pitcher is a lovely crystal gift. Filled with lemonade, iced tea or sangria, the crystal pitcher plays catch with light tossing it back and forth with the beverage within.

The lead content of crystal adds to its ability to diffract light and adds to the music made by the ice cubes as the beverage is served. Even hearty crystal beer mugs look fragile and decorative. Many other types of crystal gift are made as well. Figurines, jewelry boxes, trays and candy dishes can be spread throughout the home to bring light and beauty to every room.

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