Intricacy Enhances Crystal Figurine

Exceptional clarity and detail is what sets a crystal figurine apart from those made with other materials, and the many available colors of crystals adds to their rainbow of colors available. By producing lead crystal figurines, more facets can be added to each piece allowing minute details unavailable in other mediums.

The density of the lead crystal figurine also enhances the refractive properties of the crystal as well as the brilliance of color. A lead content of about 30 percent makes it soft enough to vastly improve the details of each piece. Many crystal figurines are made of many different parts, each one carefully designed and cut, then glued together to form the main figure.

Often, crystal of various colors, are combined to greatly enhance the appearance of a crystal figurine as well as its value, and certain designers, known for their expertise and abilities, draw more attention as well as higher prices, for their work. Begin able to identify a particular artist’s work can help a person in their pursuit of collectables.

Collections Enhanced By Specific Topics

Many people begin collections of crystal figurines by receiving one as a gift, or finding one in a store that strikes their fancy. As time passes, their mood to add to their collections grows, as typically the number of crystal figurines in the collection. Whether it is for pieces from a particular artist, a special manufacturer or just a category, the collection will continue to grow.

Some collect the crystal figurine designed from wildlife such as bears, lions and other animals while other prefer a collection of domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. Still others may look for a holiday crystal figurine such a Christmas or Halloween and gear their collections towards one, or even all holiday collectables.

There are even whimsical figurines made of crystal as well as architectural, travel and cartoon-based characters. No matter what your interest, there is sure to be a crystal figurine to meet that for which you are looking. And good designers can include colors and styles to add to the realism of the piece.

The intricacy of some of the smallest pieces is simply amazing when it is considered the delicate nature of the medium in which the artists work. Etching with lasers has made for more intricate works, but the incredible designs available is still the work of very talented artists.

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