Crystals: Single Structured and Polycrystalline Solids

The origins of the word crystal is the Greek word “Krystallos” that refers to clear ice and is also meant to signify quartz, rock crystal. They are formed when they are solidified and, under ideal conditions, one may obtain a single crystal in which all the atoms in the solid form a single crystal structure. Their general form is one of polycrystalline solids.

Its structure in liquid form depends on the chemistry of the fluid and, the conditions in which it solidifies as also ambient pressure and, when it is formed, the process is generally known as crystallization. The term crystal has a precise meaning in material sciences as well as in solid state physics though; the layman considers any solid object that exhibits well-defined and pleasing geometric shape as being a crystal.

Structure Depends On a Number of Factors

They are found in many shapes in nature and, the shape is dependent on the kind of molecular bonds that exists between atoms that determine its structure and, also on the conditions under which it is formed. Some common types include snowflakes, diamonds as well as common salt. There are also a few crystalline objects that show electrical properties such as the ferroelectric effect or piezoelectric effect. In addition, when light passes through it, it becomes refracted and, produces an array of colors and, studying these effects is known as crystal optics while, the study of crystals and their formation is known as crystallography.

Crystals are available in a number of shapes such as spheres, eggs, pyramids, obelisks, wands, merkabahs, clusters, quartz points, rune stones, charka kits and hearts. They became items of news in the late 1980s and, there were many stores selling them as well as crystal and gemstone books and, celebrities made some vocal sounds regarding their perceived miraculous properties. People began to think that these objects were able to change their lives for the better and, only required clutching them in their hands.

However, with changing times, the attitudes have changed and realization has dawned on them that crystals are helpful in vibrational healing and, are a good source for transforming their lives. There are a number of courses available in this regard that deals with imbalances in the lives of people and, how such imbalances relate to the difficulties as well as challenges faced by people during their lives. It is thought that crystals, flower essences as well as essential oils are helpful in clearing up these imbalances. So, the use of crystals as a means of improving the self has caught the imagination of one and all, and owning one is seen to be a means of attaining a better life.

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Crystals: Single Structured and Polycrystalline Solids
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