Shopping For The Best Crystal Vases

When one speaks of the word crystal, thoughts of  class, quality and style often spring to mind, making it a must have for anyone looking for an item of eternal class and character for their home. Crystal is often compared with diamonds and so buying crystal for a family member, friend or loved one can rarely go wrong. Eleanor of Aquitaine married Louis VII of France in 1137, and as a wedding gift, gave him a rock crystal vase, which is now seen in the Louvre in Paris.

However, when it comes to buying antiques or quality crystal vases, it is important to keep a few things in mind so as to ensure your money is going into a quality product, and one that you will be happy with for years to come. With such a diverse market of crystal items available all over the world, it can often result in an unsuspecting buyer getting caught buying an item that is over-priced or a product of fraud through lack of knowledge and dishonest sellers.

Considering Crystal Manufacturers

There are a number of types of manufacturers that make crystal vases as well as other household items including glasses, figurines, clocks and accessories. Each manufacturer is different, producing a different quality, practicality and look of their product, which are all important to consider.

One of the most famous manufacturers of crystal products in the world today is Waterford Crystal. Waterford, Ireland was originally the home fine glassware in the late 18th century and is now part of Waterford Wedgewood, - a famous manufacturer of china. Their products are known for their quality and reasonable prices and are popular for their dedication to never discontinue their stone wear patterns - a common fear for any crystal lover! This means that should you drop or damage one of your favorite crystal vases or glass in ten years time, you will be able to get it replaced easily.

Another manufacturer is Swarovski, a crystal manufacturer of Switzerland. It was founded by Bohemian in the late 1800s in Austria. Swarovski tend to produce a more fine-art type object as opposed to glassware or stemware. Swarovski are adamant in producing a very high quality and more decorative product, which is evident in their hefty starting prices!

Caring For Your Crystal Vase

Once you’ve selected an appropriate crystal vase or piece for your home, it is important to look after it. Although crystal is heavy, it is very delicate and so it needs to be handles carefully. All crystal should be washed by hand, as opposed to the dishwasher, with warm-to-hot water and a little mild detergent. A with a small amount of ammonia can be added should you want to avoid spots and streaks. The crystal should be rinsed thoroughly and left to air dry. It also important to keep in mind that abrasive scrubbers or cleaning agents should NEVER be used on any crystal if you want to keep it in top condition.

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