Information About Crystal Jewelry

A common jewelry accessory since ancient times has been crystal stones. Crystal jewelry has been used by common folk and royalty alike to adorn everything from hair, to toes and accent much from cups to clothing.  Crystals whether faceted, polished or in the rough draw admiration for their beauty and innate qualities.

Today much crystal jewelry is fabricated or man made. Machine tooled stones can mimic and rival their natural brothers in look and luster but the real ones have energy that cannot be rivaled. Throughout history shamans, mystics and healers have equated various stones to have magical properties that heal, transform and inspire.

Types Of Stones And Their Meaning

Most stones can me turned into crystal jewelry. However there are some that have been standard throughout the centuries. Of course Quartz crystals would first come to mind. These beautiful stones have been used in jewelry and adornment since indigenous people first picked them up for their marvelous glints catching the sun or the fire light. Quartz crystal is used for healing, manifesting, clearing, focus and meditation. Quartz crystal jewelry is very popular and can be found on the Internet and most specialty shops.

Jade is used in a lot of crystal jewelry especially in that made in Asia. Many pieces depict Buddha carvings and are quite common among that religion. Jade is said to have special properties. It being a green stone is especially good for promoting healing and insuring prosperity. Jade is also a stone for fertility and many women wishing to get pregnant will wear crystal jewelry made of jade.

Pink rose quartz is a beautiful stone that is used in crystal jewelry for children. This lovely colored stone is beneficial for adults as well for it restores self love and esteem and helps with loosing weight it is said. It also can help during life transitions.

Bloodstone and jasper are two stones that were used in crystal jewelry by the Native Americans. Their shamans and medicine healers found these stones particularly useful as they have abilities which seem to give power and healing qualities.

Black obsidian and black onyx are often thought of as manly stones and used in a lot of masculine jewelry. Both of these stones are equally useful by males and females in crystal jewelry. They are used for protection and to dispel negative energy. Therefore they balance confidence and help people to succeed in their goals.

There are so many stones with various meanings. All are beautiful and are used to create unique crystal jewelry that inspires and heals.

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