Finding the Perfect Crystal Set

Whether decorating your home or choosing a gift that will keep you in the good affections of the recipient, nothing says timeless elegance better than a fine crystal set. While fine stemware and decanters are a sign of gracious living no matter what the material they are made of, it is crystal itself that embodies elegance and graciousness. That is why so many different articles are crafted of crystal.

The addition of lead to crystal makes the material softer so that it can be cut and shaped more easily. The lead also allows the crystal to diffract the light beautifully. That’s why a finely crafted crystal set is so lovely whether it is a set of barware, a set of picture frames or set of lamps.

So Many Crystals

Because lead crystal is such a versatile material and because it has attracted the attentions of so many gifted craftspeople, the selection of patterns seems unlimited. A cut crystal set has sharp shapes sliced into it by an expert. The cuts refract the light like prisms. Crystal can also be etched.

Designs are made with acid to make a cloudy image on the clear crystal. Etching can make more delicate and intricate designs than cutting. Crystal also takes color well. Deep colors like cobalt blue or ruby red or paler colors can make a crystal set look beautiful. A crystal set can also combine color with clear designs for a striking effect.

It is easy to find a crystal set for the home. In fact, a crystal set can be found for just about every room of the home. Of course the dining room can have a crystal set of stemware, salt and pepper shakers, serving bowls and platters and the center piece. The living room might have a crystal clock or chandelier as well as a crystal frame or two on the mantle.

The family room might have a bar with a crystal set of beer mugs and a pair of crystal sconces. The office might feature a corporate gift of a crystal bowl, a paperweight, decanter, and even a crystal letter opener. The lucky kitchen might have a crystal ceiling fixture instead of an ordinary light. The hallway is a good place for a vase and a crystal set of candle holders. You can find a crystal set of figurines in the kids’ rooms. Finding a crystal set is not difficult at all. The hard part is choosing between them.

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