Why Invest In Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal is known for its brilliance and elegant appearance whether it is a piece of jewelry, glass meant for drinking beverages or a decorative figurine. Wine has been a beverage enjoyed through the century and is soon becoming a beverage of choice for many due to its ability to complement and enhance any dish when chosen well. Even though many don’t believe, it is true the crystal wine glasses will provide a better experience then normal glass glasses.  It is like using fine bone china dinnerware instead of paper plates; crystal wine glasses enhances the wine not only by its elegant appearance but by the fact that it provides better ways for it to open its bouquet and taste. There are many types of crystal wine glasses, as I am sure you are aware, and choosing the right type for the right wine can be tricky at times, here are a few guide lines: red wine contains tannins irrelevant how young it is and in order to release its aromas, what is known as bouquet in the wine world it needs a larger surface and therefore the right red wine glasses are large, balloon shaped or round in order for the drinker to swirl the wine in it and thus, get it in touch with the oxygen which will help relieve its aromatic bouquet and provide the best taste. Most red wines should be decanted with at least half hour before serving for the same purposes.

Choosing the Right Wine Glass Can Enhance the Experience

Crystal wine glasses for white wine can be smaller because white or rosé wines need to be served chilled and a large glass will promote warming the beverage in it quickly besides the fact that white wine does not contain tannins. Crystal wine glasses are a must to enjoy the favorite beverage present at all celebration: champagne. Crystals flutes are most preferred in order not to loose bubbles and please resist the temptation of shaking the bottle before opening it especially if is it a Dom Perignon because you will waste all the bubbles in the process and a champagne is ruined without bubbles.

Other Usage For Crystal Wine Glasses

Besides being the best choice in order to enjoy any types of wine, crystal wine glasses are a great gift at any occasion especially if you are aware that the people who are receiving the present enjoy wine. Today you can find crystal wine glasses in sets of two if you don’t want to spend a great deal or many other choices are available as well such as, crystal wine glasses with a decanter, crystals wine glasses with a bottle or wine or champagne and so on.

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