The Unmatched Beauty and Quality of a Waterford Crystal Vase

Waterford crystals are world renown for their high quality and craftsmanship. Many famous places in the world chose Waterford crystal such as, the chandeliers in Windsor Castle, Kennedy Center and Westminster Abby as well as the Crystal Ball of New York City’s Time Square, which is dropped on every New Year’s Eve in celebration of the New Year. Waterford crystals originate from Ireland where it all started in 1783 only to close down due to high taxes and depression; it was not until mid 1900s when a Czech immigrant by the name of Charles Bacik arrived in Ireland and together with some of his country fellow men put back the crystal company.

Fame through Quality and Uniqueness

You will find a wide range of items made by Waterford crystals to choose from such as, glassware, figurines and decorative pieces. Waterford crystal vases are made in many different styles and shapes in order to be used either as decorative pieces or for hosting and displaying flowers. Waterford crystal vases can be found in as simple and elaborate craftsmanship to match your own personality and home décor; they are timeless pieces that will never go out of style and if you handle it with care will be passed on from generation to generation and enjoyed as much by each one of them. 

Waterford crystal vases make great gifts as well especially if you are aware that the person enjoys fine art and flowers; women usually will appreciate it but not only as men often are the ones involved in making these Waterford crystal vases and thus, enjoy and appreciate them as much.

Where to Shop For Waterford Crystal Vases

It is important you shop for Waterford crystal vases in major department stores where you are guaranteed to purchase an authentic Waterford piece and not a replica. Other ways to avoid purchasing fake Waterford crystals is to look for their trademark, which is a seahorse, which is visible on every single one of their products.

Waterford crystals come in original Waterford packaging with certificates of authenticity and certificates as well therefore, are aware of any Waterford crystal vase that does not carry one. Any Waterford crystal piece will be enjoyed as long as you handle it with care and place it in a safe place in order to avoid any breakage; cleaning of Waterford crystals should be done with luke warm water and dish detergent, you need to dry it carefully and polish it in order to shine at its best.


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Waterford Crystal: Arguably the Finest In Crystals, Worldwide
The Unmatched Beauty and Quality of a Waterford Crystal Vase
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